Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday catblogging!

Finally, I get to participate in Friday catblogging, invented/popularized by Kevin Drum, whose blog I scarcely read except for the cute cat photos.

We adopted a kitten from Animal Rescue Beijing a couple weeks ago. Her name is 美美 (meimei, pronounced may-may) and she's nearly a year old, or so we guess from her size. I was persuaded
to adopt her by the kindly lady below, who says she rescued Meimei herself from the streets of Hainan, a tropical island off of China's southern coast. Meimei had apparently been living off scraps of food discarded by people at a street food stand. Her leg has healed completely, so despite her "handicap," she regularly tears up the apartment each night, sleeping during the day (see photo above).

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