Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Into the home stretch

Now that we have less than two weeks left in China, I've been thinking about what it is I will and won't miss about living in Beijing. You can guess which is which:

1. The pollution, humidity, dirt, and occasional oddity, like the migrant worker pounding on our door, desperate to retrieve his blanket from where it had fallen from the 16th floor to land on our air conditioning unit.

2. Delicious and inexpensive restaurants, stir-fried Chinese vegetables, and a wealth of Chinese and expatriate friends who, although not quite from all walks of life, are
certainly more diverse than my California circle.

1 comment:

Jeremy Wallace said...

He really did barge in too.... I think that I'll just be happy when a grey sky means that it is going to rain instead of the farmers in Hebei are burning their fields....