Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's the little things that matter

Like having ready access to potable water. China's tap water isn't drinkable. Even for brushing teeth, bottled water is recommended. Here I am, immensely proud of having negotiated by phone a water delivery service.


Valarie Kaur said...

Jessica, you manage to look glamorous even next to a water dispenser! I love it. It IS the little things that matter... I wonder what Chinese chocolates taste like?

Alexander said...

In 2003 I stayed with a friend for about 4 weeks,who lives in Beijing's university quarter. We used to boil the water from the taps in his apartment block, and it was then drinkable. Infact, it had a wonderful mineral taste compared to the flouride and over chemically treated water back in Britain.

For some reason, some minor skin disorders I'd had for years, vanished during my stay there. Part of me puts it down to the water and the heavy mineral content. ??